Why satisfied customers defect?

1. W. Earl Sasser is one of the gurus of customers service. In co-writing landmark Harvard Business Review article with Thomas O Junes, "Why Satisfied Customers Defect," Sasser points out that if you are letting one percent (1%) of your core customers slip through the cracks, that one percent has a huge negative multiplier effect.

2. Online, world of mouth travels even more swiftly. One person can be responsible for hundreds - even thousands - of customers defecting or staying away.

3. The only approach to reducing negative customers experiences is to institute a zero-tolerance policy.

4. If someone is in one of your target groups, the company must do whatever it takes to make that person happy.

5. Anyone on the edge of defection should cause a triage team to jump into action.

6. Going the extra mile to bring a customer back can turn her into a dedicated member of your sales force. Of you lose her, understand why and adjust accordingly.

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