Linux For You - May 2008

May 2008 Issue Vol. 6 No. 3

Are You Talking To Me?
OOXML got approved as an ISO standard on 29 March. The battle being waged by the ODF camp was lost—so it seemed.

It’s Too Easy to be GNU/Linux!

'An encounter with the third kind'of tool last night changed the world around me.

The Real WOW Experience
Mandriva 2008 Spring face-to-face with the user-friendly operating system.

Build a Professional Website Using Joomla 1.5—Part III: Creating Modules
In Part 1, we learnt the basics of Joomla and walked through the steps to create a professional website. In Part 2, we learnt to create our own custom template. This part provides the details about extending Joomla to meet your needs. It provides an overview of the Joomla framework, APIs and how we can use them to create our own custom modules. Custom components and plug-ins development will be covered in the subsequent articles. Though the article uses PHP, HTML, CSS and other W3C standards, discussing them in detail is out of its scope.

Programming in Python for Friends
and Relations—Part

Never written code? It’s not that tough! This article teaches you how to write a simple calculator program quickly, using Python.

Alice: An Animated Way of Learning to Program
Alice.org describes Alice as:"It uses 3D graphics and a drag-and-drop interfaceto facilitate a more engaging,less frustrating,first programming experience."
Let's see how.

“Migration can never be a failure if you let the experts do it”
...advises Manjunath M. Gowda, CEO, S7 Software, who has lent his expertise to many big players while migrating innumerable open source projects. He recommends open source adoption to CIOs/CTOs who are still contemplating its deployment, because he thinks they are already too late.

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