Linux For You - Sept 2007

September 2007 Issue Vol. 5 No. 7

“Linux Is Much Bigger Than Me!”
—Interview: Linus Torvalds
What would encourage Indian enterprises to choose Linux over other software? Will Solaris and Linux evolve together? Why does he think GPLv3 is too petty and selfish? What does the future hold for the Linux kernel? These are some of the questions the world-wide community asked. And this is what Linus Torvalds had to say, in his inimitable, forthright way.

When the Music’s Over...
Hey, wait a second. Why does it have to be over? Launch Amarok, or even a Web browser, and stay tuned in 24/7 to one of the online music stations. And, what’s more, the stations are only a click or drag-n-drop away.

Looking Glass: A Mirror Into the Future
This is amazing: 3D on the humble 2D monitor screen! With the likes of Compiz and Beryl, here comes a different face that had me quite astonished. It’s called ‘Project Looking Glass’ and has the ability to transform your desktop into an almost 3D environment. Let’s transport ourselves into this glassy world and find out what’s going on.

CentOS 5.0 Review
Yes, that means CentOS. And guess what? The version number has been bumped to 5, a lot of new features have been added, but it’s still as stable and robust as always. Something a lot of other distributions may take note of.

Tomboy: The Easiest Note-taking Program
With time, you tend to forget the file in which you saved your work or the directory where you had saved those files. Desktop search tools are useful, but comparatively cumbersome. With Tomboy, you do not have to remember file names any more.

Tips for Artists on a Power ‘Image Manipulation’ Tool
Here’s a book review of ‘The Artist’s Guide to GIMP Effects’

Protecting Linux System Users
Here’s a set of guidelines that administrators could follow, to secure the computing environment for their users.

MotoMing A1200 with KDE and Linux
This article describes the author’s experience using the Motorola A1200 with Debian GNU/Linux. The article is not a newbie guide and assumes a fair amount of familiarity with Linux.

Exchange Files Between PC and Cell phone
Let’s learn how to hack cell phones using Bluetooth tools under Linux and also learn a nifty trick to create custom ringtones in Audacity.

Fedora Directory Server: The Evolution of Linux Authentication
Think LDAP is passe? Maybe it’s time to take a look at this one.

MyPendapat: One of my FAVORITE copies of the month! Have read it more than 20 times. Great article for newbies like me. Strongly suggest everybody to get this copy for reference.

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