Dreamlinux Desktop Edition

Dreamlinux is a modern and modular GNU/Linux system that can be run directly from a CD/DVD/USBStick and optionally be installed to a HDD (IDE, SCSI, SATA, PATA and USB Drive). Dreamlinux comes with a selection of the best applications designed to meet most of your daily needs.

Dreamlinux is based on the venerable Debian Operating System, which means it takes advantage of Debian best features and adds its own modern development tools, system scripts and applications.

Dreamlinux Desktop Edition 3.x offers two options of Desktop Environments to be selected during boot time: Xfce and Gnome.

Work with:
The OpenOffice.org office suite; the Orage personal organizer; the PDF Reader Evince;
the instant communicator Pidgin; theThunderbird e-mail client and the Firefox (Iceweasel) web browser pre- configured, including several useful plugins such as java, flash, audio and video, etc.

Design, paint:
Unleash your imagination with the digital painting applications: Gthumb and GimpShop. Draw using Inkscape, the last word in vector graphics design, with exclusive features.

Listen to:
Music, be in the traditional CD format, be in the new audio formats such as mp3, ogg and others, using Rhythmbox and Gxine. Convert audio files using SoundConverter. Use SoundJuicer to extract tracks from your CD and record audio CDs using Brasero.

Download photos from a photo camera with just one mouse click. Cut, paste and edit using AviDemux.
Record CD/DVD using Brasero. Run any video format file using MPlayer with subtitles and several tunning options. Watch DVDs with the original interactive menus using Gxine.

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