Linux 3G Phone - Less than $100 ?

Good news to us! Now, Purple Magic introduce a complete Linux 3G phone available in market. I did found this video from YouTube and also do some checking in Purple Magic website.

Until now, I'm not sure either this company are selling complete 3G phone for consumer or just a functional Linux phone OS ( so that other 3rd party manufacturer will embedded it to their own phone model). By the way, I list up some key features for this Linux 3G phone below and also a short video introducing this phone from YouTube (MWC 2008 Barcelona). Enjoyed!

Key features

  • 3G Video Telephony
  • Java Virtual Machine (MIDP 2.0/JTWI)
  • Video streaming
  • Progressive download
  • Multimedia player/recorder
  • Bluetooth, USB, micro-SD support
  • Messaging (SMS/MMS/Email)
  • Contact list, to do list, notes, calculator, alarm clock, FM radio
  • Supported codecs: AMR-NB, H263, H264 (player only), AAC+, EAAC+, AAC-LC, MP3, Midi (SP-midi, SMF), WAV
  • GSM standard services (STK, USSD, SIM, SS, Network management)

Take a look at this video, they even show The Matrix and Fantastic Four movie running from this phone. The 1st phone look almost similar with Motorola V3i. While the 2nd phone can even use external mouse to move a cursor on phone screen!

That guy said the price less than $100 (1.13 minute in the video).

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