Linux For You - DVD and CD Bundle

From now on, I will post here all (perhaps) my collected DVD and CD that came with Linux For You magazine.

This is DVD (LFY May 2008) with latest Mandriva release called Mandriva 2008 Spring. If you follow my previous post, Mandriva is my first introduce in open sources world (formely Linux Mandrake).
Unfortunately, this is no a LIVE LINUX, means you can't use it as Live CD (run from cd wihout installing in hard drive). Yup, you need to install it in your hard drive permenantly.
But don't worry, if you want Live CD, just go to Mandriva website and choose to download Mandriva One CD.

And this is CD (Jan 2008) with Linux Mint 4 Live CD. Usually, LFY CD's come with package of open source application base on current LFY issue.
I have test this CD with my own laptop (Acer Aspire 5051). No issue at all. This distro can detect all my hardware including wifi, just put this CD in my CD-ROM player and wait until desktop appear. In fact, I have install it permenantly in my orther partition and get used almost every day until I change tu Ubuntu latest release (Hardy Heron).
Note: Linux Mint 5 already release with major upgrade and enhancement.

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