SliTaz GNU/Linux

SliTaz is a free micro GNU/Linux distro using BusyBox, a Linux kernel, and GNU free software. The goal of SliTaz is to have a GNU/Linux distro working in memory (RAM). Installable to a hard disk, with good support for French language web, It offers reliability, high performance and PC recycling.

SliTaz boots with Syslinux and provides:

  • more than 200 Linux commands,
  • the LightTPD web server,
  • SQLite database,
  • rescue tools,
  • IRC client, SSH client/server powered by Dropbear,
  • X window system, JWM (Joe's Window Manager),
  • gFTP, Geany IDE,
  • Mozilla Firefox, Alsaplayer, Gparted, a sound file editor and much more.
SliTaz's ISO image will always fit on less than 30 MB, to try and give you a reasonable selection of software

Click here to learn more about SliTaz.

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