Having full in bank account with empty inbox

You can skip 90% of the “must attend” teleconferences, 90% of the “can’t live without” seminars, and 90% of the “Launch to end all Launches”. The best news is you can avoid buying 90% of the crap that delivers no real value... simply by applying the following “Razors” to your online career.

1. Never buy anything again from anyone who has not made significant money from the use of the product.

That’s right; this includes and is especially true for affiliate marketers. Unless they themselves have used the product, bail! Opt out of their lists with recklessabandon!

Let me ask you a question. How does the “Guru” sending you an email(drooling all over themselves about the latest product to be hyped in the cookie cutter launch process), know that the product is actually good or creates results?

Almost every testimonial is a FRAUD!

When you see the long list of “Gurus” pictures and testimonials on sales pages extolling the benefits of the latest product, doesn’t that look fishy to you? It’s the same dozen or so on almost every sales page. It’s almost like a celebrity endorsement and it means nothing to you if you are concerned with the use of the product!

2. Never buy anything again from anyone who is not currently making significant money from the use of the product.

Last year doesn’t count! What have you done lately? Not only should you not follow the advice of someone who is not personally making significant money from a product or method, you should also not follow someone who is not currently making money with that product or method!

Grow up “Gurus”, this is the internet and last years, or last months success means nothing unless you are currently hitting home runs using the exact same method!

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