Enhance your blog with RSS

What is RSS?

RSS stands for “really simple syndication” and is a new, easy, low cost method for distributing content on the web, using a newswire model.

How does RSS enhance Blog Performance?

A blog can be read with a standard browser, or alternatively, can be read by an RSS reader (or “aggregator”). Blogs and even web pages can be syndicated to form an RSS feed. This RSS feed then can be made available unfiltered to a client’s desktop via a well-known URL. Many content rich sites use RSS and Blogging to keep the user up-to-date with information, breaking news and other stories. Subscription by RSS makes the content come to the user rather than the user having to go to different web logs to fetch it. Hence, RSS utilizes ‘pull’ technology which means users ask for content, unlike email marketing, which relies on ‘push’ technology to push content unasked for. RSS offers the potential of endless opportunities to the Internet marketing community right now. Cleverly written blogs are relatively easy to maintain pages that contain enough information about a product or a service to soft-sell it.

Major benefits of using RSS for Blogging

Higher Search Engine visibility

Several major search engines such as Yahoo! and MSN are offering to index your RSS feed along with your website (or Blogs) if your visitors include your RSS feed in their search engine specific accounts. For instance, Yahoo! will spider your RSS feed and blog if a visitor to your blog includes your feed in his or her My Yahoo! account. Yahoo! is doing this within 48 hours of such an occurrence – a remarkably fast indexing time for Yahoo! To top it all, this happens without costing you a penny! You can further speed up the process by subscribing to your RSS feed in your My Yahoo! account.

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September 4, 2008 at 9:44 AM

how to get more people to subscribe our feed burner? i wonder, i've seen many blogs with hundreds of subscribers... i'm jealous...

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September 4, 2008 at 11:06 AM

write more controversial content, like you did on your blog.

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