Linux For You - Feb 2007

February 2007
Issue Vol. 4 No. 12

Can India Take the Lead in OSS Innovations?
India has been in the thick of things when it comes to open source software (OSS). A recent article in an international magazine pointed out that the Indian desktop market is thrice that of the US, and that this can only move forward in the coming years. It can safely be said today that we have made a good beginning. But what does it take to make India one of the frontrunners in the OSS arena? The industry responds...

Embedded uClinux Application Development
Discover how to effectively develop embedded systems in uClinux.

Knoppix 5.1.1: Linux Reloaded!
If you intend to give Knoppix 5.1.1—the new distro on the block—a try, read this review. If you are unaware of all its possibilities, reading this is even more essential.

Certify Your Skills
Skilled and super-skilled Linux specialists are flooding the market. Then how do companies separate the grain from the chaff? Linux certifications play a big role here. They are something more than mere simulations and help organisations to hire a person with talent as well as skills. And, of course, for the professionals, these certifications are the best way to guarantee the right career path.

Printing is Fun with Fedora Core 6
Read how Fedora Core 6 advances printing over its earlier version.

Linux Runs Google
Linus Torvald’s brave new project, Usenet, written on the Linux kernel almost two decades ago, has been instrumental in enabling the technology of search engines that handle the world’s biggest databases. Some say, Google has been possible because of Linux. Is that the truth?

Microsoft open to Novell-like arrangements with other Linux vendors.
Interview: Tom Robertson, general manager—interoperability and standards, Microsoft Corporation

Painless Thumb Drive Back-ups
Exploit udev rules to back up your Flash drive daily or every time you insert it.

Accessing Linux Filesystems in Windows
You don’t have to wait for Microsoft to support Linux filesystems to get at your Linux files from Windows.

Virtual Reality@ Linux Graphics Cards
If you are a Linux user and a gaming enthusiast, read on for some tips on buying the right kind of graphics card.

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