Linux For You - Mac 2007

March 2007
Issue Vol. 5 No. 1

Making VoIP Work Through a NAT Gateway!
The entire technology behind Voice over IP (VoIP) does not work on every network. Network Address Translation (NAT) is a common practice used in networks, and it doesn’t play well with VoIP. This article focuses on the SIP protocol for VoIP and the Asterisk VoIP software.

Time-Zone Processing with Asterisk
Learn how to use Asterisk to adjust for your daylight hours.

Application Servers: A Round Up
Here is a list of the open source application servers that are creating waves in the world of middleware platforms.

Slackware 11.0: Fast and Stable Wins the Race
Here is a review of a much sought-after Linux distro.

Up and Running with Java-based Servers on Linux
Here is a handy guide on how to create a Java-based server on the Linux platform and then configure it for automatic start-up and shutdown.

Embedded Network Security
An Overview of the Network Security Technologies in the Embedded Space
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The OpenDocument Format—Befitting All
Open standard OpenDocument format offers real benefits to producers and consumers of information and should be deployed as soon as possible. How far does this argument hold true? The following article attempts to explain just that.

Communicate with Your Computer in Your Mother Tongue!
Let’s look at the nuances of installing and configuring additional Indian languages in Linux.

Tux Takes Care of Your e-Business Solutions
The increasingly positive functionalities that OSS and Linux offer are driving a whole new market—Linux- and OSS-based e-business solutions.

Localisation on Linux
This article intends to present a window to localisation on Linux, in a simple yet thorough manner.

OpenGovernment: National Linux Distributions
National Linux distributions have special responsibilities. They should encourage a nation’s open source activities as broadly as possible rather than present an isolated solution based on inevitably limited resources.

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