Linux For You - Apr 2007

April 2007 Issue Vol. 5 No. 2

Make Your Linux More Secure
- eCryptfs: ‘Stacking’ Technology With Cryptographic Filesystem. Buildind A Firewall, Brick By Brick —Linux Firewalls For Everyone. Single Packer Authorisation: Takes To Next Generation Technology.

The Linux Way of Conferencing
In this small round up of solutions, let us explore the Linux offerings available for audio, video and Web conferencing. Click for more details

Tux Befriends the Chicks!
A business which is not even expected to be IT savvy has embraced OSS/Linux to its advantage. Here’s the story of Suguna poultry, a company that dared to put its eggs in the open source basket. Click for more details

Iran: Where All Windows are Shut!
The Linux wave has proved to be a boon for this country that has been severely constrained in the IT domain due to US sanctions. Iran has travelled some distance on the open source road. Read on to learn about how it plans to network across the region to improve its OSS track record.

Sniffing Through the Network Traffic!
Explore the intricacies involved in packet sniffing—the sniffing tools, as well as the detection and prevention methods.

Installing the 3D Desktop in Linux
With 3D desktops taking the world by storm, here is a handy guide to install and enjoy them on Linux, without upgrading to a high-end graphics card!

VectorLinux 5.8
VectorLinux is a compact and unbelievably fast Linux distribution. It's perfect for those having hardware with old configuration, since it has extensive repertoire of legacy device drivers.

Sabayon: A Sumptuous Linux Dessert!
What makes Sabayon a delightful treat for Linuxers? Let us see what this categorical review of the distro has to say.

Tux in IM—A Better Bet!
Linux’s phenomenal growth in every vertical is witnessing development in the overall technology. With its presence in the world of instant messaging, the communication process is just getting simpler and better.

Sabayon is a Gentoo based distribution with a plethora of software packed on to it. With a number of multimedia, Internet and gaming applications pre-installed, this distro provides a complete out-of-the-box experience.

MyPendapat: My first time knowing Sabayon linux through this month DVD. Had already installed it in my Acer laptop and running smoothly. But, only use it for about 1 month, got too many bugs inside. By the way, if you like to have a very darkful with striking theme and 'high class good looking', Sabayon is a MUST to try.

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