Linux For You - May 2007

May 2007 Issue Vol. 5 No. 3

Ajax Simplified
Ajax can become complex as far as implementation goes, but the concept is quite simple. This article explains how...

OOo vs MS Office: The Plot Thickens!
With the release of MS Office 2007, the bar in the office suite segment has risen higher. Will the OOo community keep step with Redmond, or will it strive to give the office suite a unique identity of its own? In either case, get your wish list ready!

Are Your Scanners Linux Ready?
You don’t want to take chances when it comes to running your business—so make sure your scanner will work flawlessly in the open source as well as closed source environments.

When Schools Go ‘Open’...
...they, perhaps, open the world for the holistic development of our country.

Four Cool Ajax Plug-ins for WordPress
A comprehensive guide on how to install and use four great plug-ins for the WordPress content management system.

Installing Solaris Express
This article takes you through the installation procedure of Solaris Express on a PC or laptop.

Silicon Valley: The End of DRM
Digital music is the future. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the past.

Burdwan: A Gateway to e-Governance Using Linux
We take a look at the massive e-governance project under way in the state of West Bengal.

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