Linux For You - Jun 2007

June 2007 Issue Vol. 5 No. 4

The Conspiracy Theory—Linux Violates Microsoft's Patents?
The penetration of GNU/Linux had increased and Microsoft just couldn’t sit back and see its potential clients move out of its camp. It wanted to make money out of GNU/Linux, and it did!

Dell Completes the Bermuda Triangle
Dell adds to the confusion created by the Microsoft and Novell alliance.

Wizpy: You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Hand
“Look Ma! There’s a new bootable OS out there in the wild. And it’s a portable media player too!”

Hakuna Matata with Ubuntu Feisty
The Lion King of Linux distros roars with version 7.04

VirtualBox—Virtualisation Made Easy
If you think VMware isn’t good enough because of its restrictive licence and Xen is too difficult to configure, in this article, you can learn how easy it is to install and configure an alternative called VirtualBox.

ZFS–A Mighty Filesystem
Let’s find out what makes ZFS stand apart from the rest.

Virtualisation—The Answer to Inefficiency
Tired with all those downtimes, hefty electricity bills and administering too many servers yourself? It’s about time you deploy virtual machines instead.

Extend Your OpenOffice.org
Creating your own OpenOffice.org extensions is easier than you think.

Linux MFDs—They Can Do It All
Close to 15 per cent of your business revenue is spent on paperwork—creating it, managing it and storing it. If you want to minimise that overhead, you need print solutions that cost less and increase productivity. Welcome to the world of multifunctional devices that run on Linux.

A Look at Lua
An overview of the compact, yet powerful, Lua programming language.

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