Linux For You - Jul 2007

July 2007 Issue Vol.5 No. 5

OSS Community’s—Salute To The President!
Even as you read this article, President Kalam’s successor might have been named. India and the open source movement have been blessed by the presence at Rashtrapati Bhavan of such a staunch campaigner for Free and Open Source Software. We salute the visionary’s pro-FOSS stance.

Shrek 3: Linux Feeds an Ogre
DreamWorks Animation pushes the limits of CG filmmaking with Linux.

Freedom from Wired Networking
A hands-on guide on how to install and configure the open source ipw3945 driver to make your Intel wireless card get on the information highway.

Flying High with Fedora 7
Public forums, open processes, rapid innovation, meritocracy and transparency—all in pursuit of the best operating system and platform that free software can provide. These goals are the air beneath Fedora’s wings, lifting the distribution to new heights.

Introducing Vector Imaging on Linux
Inkscape’s vector graphics open a whole new world for creating art.

Automated GIMP Processing of Website Images
Take advantage of The GIMP to perform mundane but necessary image processing for websites.

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