Linux For You - Mac 2008

March 2008 Issue Vol. 6 No. 1

Why FLOSS Made Sense to Me
“I started writing this article wanting to share with you my learning along the road to GPLing an application, but soon I realised that story wouldn’t make sense until I told you what FLOSS really meant to me and how I came about discovering it for myself.”

KDE 4 Preview
A look at some of the new features of KDE 4

Desktop Must-Haves
A comprehensive article that makes a great case for Linux’s arrival at the desktop, featuring applications that address your office work, graphics, Internet and entertainment needs.

A Good OS for Users and OEMs
Here’s a look at what’s behind the low-end Linux box that sold out at Wal-Mart.

Best Practices While Moving to Desktop Linux
Are you so tired of maintaining Windows clients that you are dying to migrate your users to Linux? However, a sudden switch to Linux could scare many users because of their unfamiliarity with the platform and the available applications. This article gives you five important tips that may help ease the transition.

Maximise Desktop Speed
More RAM, faster hard drives and newer CPUs give you better performance. But what if you don’t have access to these? This article tells you how to get the best out of your existing, relatively ‘not-quite-bleeding-edge’ system.

Serving Linux On Your Laptop
Irrespective of the demand from a segment of users, there are not many vendors who offer Linux-preloaded laptops. Some have come out with a few offerings, while others are still considering the idea.

Girl Power!
LinuxChix is a worldwide forum for women in computing who love the ideals behind FOSS. If you think you can connect with that, why not join the India Chapter, and celebrate FOSS together?

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