Linux For You - Feb 2008

February 2008 Issue Vol. 5 No. 12

MySQL Falls In Sun’s Orbit
There were two stories at my desk. One was Sun’s acquisition of MySQL and another was Oracle’s buyout of BEA Systems. That was a perfect match. Oracle’s acquisition made some sense—the database giant is an acquisition shark. But why did Sun acquire MySQL? I had to poke my nose into the matter to get down to the nitty-gritty. Since Sun’s India spokesperson was travelling and was not available for comment, I thought why not do it in a different manner? Instead of asking the concerned parties, I thought of finding out what the rest of the world makes out of the deal. So, here is what I found...

Getting Started with OpenMoko
Last month we discussed why we considered OpenMoko the best platform for mobile applications development. In this article we will learn about installing OpenMoko on Linux-based systems.

Search Finally Goes Open with Wikia
Wikia Search is online and it’s alpha testing time. This article talks about the project’s goals, and how we can help, get help and have some fun!

Effectively Manage Your Time and Work with Mozilla Sunbird
This article introduces Mozilla’s calendar application, Sunbird, and teaches us some of the basics to get started.

Make a Hi-Fi Out of Your Old PC
Do you have an old PC gathering dust somewhere in your store room? Why not put it to some good use by converting it into a stereo system?

Optimise the Kernel for Your Processor
Why use a generic kernel when Linux gives you the option to select the exact processor make and version? This article gives you an idea of how to configure the kernel for your exact processor type.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Multi-core Processors
In the beginning, there was 4004! This article traces the history of processors and settles down to discuss today’s multi-cores in detail.

Behind the Scenes of The Spiderwick Chronicles
Linux software on Macintosh desktops with Linux renderfarms creates a Paramount motion picture.

Getting Started With ARM Linux
Want to get started with development on ARM systems, but don’t have the required processor for the purpose? This article teaches you how to get started with emulating the ARM architecture under an i686 system.

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