Linux For You - Jan 2008

January 2008
Issue Vol. 5 No. 11

A Glimpse Into the Mind of the Phone Liberator.
Who wants one of those “brickable” or “open” phones when you can have a truly open Linux-based phone? Sean Moss-Pultz on the OpenMoko Project, the Neo1973 and what it really means to be free. Bricks not included.

OpenOffice.org and ERP Reports
Learn how to roll out reports using the combined power of TinyERP and the OpenOffice.org office suite.

Contributing to an Open Source Project
This article attempts to point out the steps you need to take in order to start contributing to an OSS project. And also offers some reasons on why it’s important to contribute.

A GPG-Based Password Wallet
Keep your passwords safe in an encrypted file.

Bye Bye Audio Cassettes
Convert those old analogue recordings from your tape to digital formats. And you might end up enhancing the quality of the sound as well.

Want A Panoramic View?
Stitch Together A Few Images

If you don’t have a camera capable of taking panoramic photographs, Hugin comes to the rescue.

Mint Brings A Breath of Fresh Air
You may point out that a lot of GNU/Linux distros nowadays specifically target the desktop computers. So, what’s really new in Mint? Well, let’s find out!

The True Open Phone Platform
This article discusses the pros and cons of various operating systems for the mobile platform, and tells us why OpenMoko is the true ‘open’ platform.

A Developer’s First Look At Android
Look into the insides of Android from a developer’s point of view, and you’ll probably conclude that the only limitation could be your imagination.

Browse the Web Without A Trace
Concerned about your privacy? It takes only a KNOPPIX disc and a few simple steps to browse the Web anonymously.

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