Linux For You - Dec 2007

December 2007 Issue Vol. 5 No. 10

Triple-Boot Your Laptop
Let’s see how you can triple-boot a laptop with QEMU on which you can run applications and learn Linux.

The Best of Both Worlds
Here’s an analysis on the co-existence of open source and proprietary software in emerging Asian markets.

An Opyum Drag for Offline System Update
A DVD holds a lot of software. But the problem is how to keep your OS current with the latest mandatory updates or install additional software when you’re hampered by a slow Internet connection. Introducing Opyum, an offline software installer/updater for Fedora. And if you want it on your Debian too, why not help port it?

FreedomYug: The “Two-Minute Linux”
How to make it last longer.

Blender Unleashed—Part II: Advanced User Interface
Welcome back! Last month, I discussed aspects of the basic user interface of Blender. This time, let’s go deeper into the subject.

Idle Machines? Put Them To Work
This article teaches us how to do distributed compiling with distcc.

FUSE Your Laptop
Learn how to protect your laptop files with FUSE and an online storage service.

Linux May Put the PC in Your Palm
Google has announced a new platform for mobile phones, called Android, which is based on Linux. What is Android capable of offering and will we ever have a PC in our pockets? Let’s analyse this!

Old Laptop as a Server
Don’t throw away that old laptop; use it as a mobile VoIP and Web server.

MyPendapat: Another great collection of articles and tutorial ! Even, I accidentally bought 2 copy's of this month issued. First copy I bought on early of month and had read all pages within 2 days. Another copy bought at the end of the month, just because didn't realize that I already have that copies before.

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