Linux For You - Nov 2007

November 2007 Issue Vol. 5 No. 9

“Hardware and software is about partnership”
Narendra Bhandari, director, Asia Pacific, SSG—developer relations division, Intel.

Mandriva 2008 Review
Dare to try out the ultimate desktop operating system? Lucky you! Mandriva is back in business.

Blender Unleashed—Part I
It gives me immense pleasure to start a fantastic new tutorial on an excellent 3D-modelling animation software called Blender 3D (version 2.45). This is the first in a series on this subject, and I will cover all the major and minor topics related to Blender.

ATM Surveillance Powered by Linux —Interview with Raj Menon, executive director, Intellvisions Software Limited
Intellvisions Software Ltd, a leading provider of self-service technologies and security solutions, uses Linux for its ATM-surveillance solution. In this interview, Raj Menon, executive director, Intellvisions Software Limited, talks to KTP Radhika of LFY Bureau about the company’s strategy, future plans and his views on Linux.

A Smart and Free Domain E-mail Server by Google
Don’t have the resources or the expertise to maintain a dedicated e-mail server for your business? Unleash the power of Google.

Compiz Fusion for an Ubercool Desktop
Which is the sexiest desktop environment? If you thought it was Macintosh with its Aqua interface or, to a lesser extent, the snail-paced Vista with its Aero Glass, then I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this author believes it's none other than our very own Tux, dressed up in Compiz Fusion.

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