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PCLinuxOS - A perfect choice to become your daily desktop operating system. My first installation of Linux Distro are Mandrake (Now Mandriva), a way back on 1998. Since than, I become a big fan of Mandriva Distro. Because of its stability, easy installation, detect mostly all my hardware without need to find any driver. In early version, PCLinuxOS heavily base on Mandrake since 2003, and now being fully independant Linux Distro.

To read full article on how to install PCLinuxOS, please visit HowToForge.com. Also this quote taken from PCLinuxOS wiki.

PCLinuxOS is an Operating System, just like Windows XP and Mac OS. PCLinuxOS is also a GNU/Linux distribution, in that it based on the Linux kernel using the GNU toolset. PCLinuxOS is one of the world's up and coming providers of a userfriendly Linux Desktop Solution. With a small but dedicated development team, PClinuxOS delivers Desktop Ready Software that harnesses the power of the Open Source Community.

PCLinuxOS comes to you as an English only self-booting live CD, it runs entirely from a bootable CD without installing anything on your computer. Data on the CD is uncompressed on the fly allowing up to 2 GB of programs on one CD including a complete desktop environment, office suite, web-browsers, email clients, p2p filesharing, multimedia applications and much more, all preconfigured and ready to use!

In addition to the live CD mode, you can also install PCLinuxOS to your hard drive using our easy to use live CD installer, assuming you like PCLinuxOS and it runs well on your computer. You can very easily keep your installed PCLinuxOS safe and up to date with the supplied configuration tools.

You'll find that PCLinuxOS is in fact one of the best (if not the best) integrated and most user friendly operating systems you'll find. In addition to that, it comes with a complete set of software, good defaults and impressive multimedia applications.

PCLinuxOS is radically simple.

Interested in PCLinuxOS?

We highly recommend that you visit PCLinuxOS.com to take full advantage of news, help forums, and access to hundreds of high-quality applications for your PCLinuxOS system.

Interested to read where PCLinuxOS comes from, and why you can get it for free? Read our short PCLinuxOS History introduction.

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