Can't automatically power down Mandriva 2007


I have installed Mandriva 2007 on my desktop, which has a Celeron processor and 512 MB of RAM. The problem is I cannot power down my computer automatically anymore. After issue the shutdown command, the system goes halts with the messages on the screen. The HDD is turned off, but the fans still run. So I have to power down the system manually by pressing the power button. I would like to mention that the same works fine with my Fedora Core 6 and Windows XP installation. So, no hardware issues here.


There may be several reasons for your system not shutting down automatically. Please try the following and rerun /sbin/lilo as the root user.
Append or add the following code in the /etc/lilo.conf file :

acpi=off apm=on apm=power-off
Typically, this should work. However, it it does not, then please try to boot with the option acpi=force and also check for ACPI support in your BIOS. Please update your bios if needed.

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