First ever income from blogging - rewards by RevRespone

I have change my blogger theme since 2 days ago..and I believe this is most suitable for all of you to read more informative content that I have wrote myself or inspired by others.

But today, I would like to share my income from 2 months old blogging activities. Yes, most of us had their blog solely for side income, or perhaps for professional blogger will be their permanent income every month. For me, since I got my own business, blogging are only my hobby when I got free time (almost free because I own my company :>)

Last night, when I open my gmail, I got an email from PayPal confirming that I got new fund $50 from NetLine Corporation (RevResponse). When I double check with them, this is a rewards that I have won just by participating their July contest. And to be exact, their July contest is not hard to join, simply write a 250 nice wording mentioning about RevResponse into you blog and submit your post link back to them. You can check my review here and here.

Well, with my little knowledge about blog (of course with my 'not so good' english writing :>) I do accept their challenge. In fact, I just confirming my review 1 day before closing date. Feeewww ! Since to many people joint it, I don't put so much expectation to get their rewards. And until last night, I GOT MY FIRST EVER ONLINE INCOME just to write about RevResponse. See image below :

For those who did not know about RevResponse, please tak a note some of their programs offer here :

RevResponse are currently offering all of us an unique and easy way to earn extra money while online by offering as low as USD1.50 dollar of each subscription such as FREE copies of trade magazines, e-catalog, e-book, white papers and many more.

To make it easy, just sign up here and start offering your client, friends, relative or your current website/blog reader's to review RevResponse website.

You will get a commission as minimum as USD1.50 for each qualified subscriptions. The best thing ever, subscription is TOTALLY FREE.

See, RevResponse also give us opportunity to make online income by offering others to subscribe their FREE copies of E-Book, E-Magazine, newletter or white papers. Interesting enough? If yes, please take not much than 2 minutes of your time to register with them here and start your ONLINE MAKING MONEY now!

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