What is Rotavirus?

What is Rotavirus

  • A group of highly contagious viruses.
  • Infects the bowels.
  • Found in feces of infected children & transmitted via contact with infected feces.

  • Cause of 38% of children that are hospitalized with acute gastroenteritis.
  • Dangerous for younger children aged two and below.
  • Can cause dehydration and secondary lactose intolerance.

  • Breastfeed your child.
  • Practice good hygiene at home as a family.
  • Sterilize all feeding equipment.
  • Never store cooked food in fridge beyond two days.
  • Ensure all food is properly reheated before eating.

Rotavirus Vaccine
  • Effective when given early in infancy.
  • Causes infection to become mild or without symptoms.

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