Redeem A Backpack Laptop with your Kad Mesra Points

Great news for all Kad Mesra holder. You can now redeem your points with this backpack bag specially design for your laptop.

What you need to do is just follow this link or got to http://www.kad-mesra.com.my (Catalogue->Bags) and start redeem this bag with your current point. And make sure you have 8700 points before you can start redeem it.

Just a few info about this bag:
Got 2 zippered at main compartments and 1 zippered at front. While in the inside, got cushioned laptop pocket, so your laptop will not mess up with your document.

Well, myself carry this bag almost everyday and very satisfied with it. Let be frank, this bag ARE NOT WATERPROOF ! So, don't simply carry while in heavy rain.

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