Last day at PC Fair August 2008 - KL Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur

On 3rd August 2008, I manage to visit PC Fair at KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. This is my 2nd attend, almost 6 years from my last visited. Not much to comment on the events since everybody knows about it (especially in Malaysia).

Arrived at about 2.30 pm, I am so lucky to get a park inside the Convention Centre. As I went there with my family, I didn't take much time to visit every booths. Crowded! Thats the first word I can describe about this event. To make things worse, I left my digital camera in the car ! Not too worry because I still have my Sony Ericsson phone.

Lets take a look from my visit there. Enjoy it.

(L) HP Booths (R) Acer Small Laptop

(L) Microssoft - almost forgot! (R) HTC phone booths

(L) Striking Gigabyte booths (R) Speaker fiesta !

(L) Supposed to buy one! (R) Docking station

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